Eric Warp reported to me as Design Director at Play Incorporated where I was Vice President of Marketing. Eric joined our self-funded startup shortly after we left the garage phase and guided design through building the company to hundreds of employees and a valuation of $650 million. During this time Eric’s job duties included creating the visual identity for the company, branding for nearly a dozen products and various product packaging, interfaces, documentation, promotional videos, websites, city-block sized trade show exhibits, national television commercials and collaborating with product teams on the industrial design of hardware products. Eric’s design vision impacted every facet of the company from brand to product and even the interior design of our building which was so remarkably original it was featured in magazines and television newscasts. Eric is the rare designer that can work across media while translating tough requirements into compelling design that exceeds all expectation.

I quickly came to rely on Eric’s experience and skill not only for visual design but across our marketing output. Eric was able to lead challenging projects on tight deadlines with diverse internal clients from marketing and PR to product management and manufacturing. No matter how difficult the client, I could rely on Eric to ensure the results met our stringent standards for stellar design. As our design team grew, Eric was also an influential mentor to younger designers. It’s the mark of a great designer when he makes talented designers around him even better. Eric exemplifies what I expect from a world-class designer. Unprecedented creativity, boldness, collaboration and attention to detail.

After leaving Play, I’ve continued to bring Eric into various special projects at my subsequent startup, here at Adobe and in my work as a strategic advisor to silicon valley companies. He continues to deliver top notch, visionary work without fail. After twenty years in this industry, there are less than a dozen people to whom I would give an unreserved professional recommendation. Eric is at the top of that short list. If you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact me at

Mark Randall
Chief Strategist, VP Creativity
Adobe Systems


Eric Warp is one of the most multi-faceted design problem solvers I know.
I have worked with and given Eric projects to work on for the last 22 years and he always creates a design that is well beyond my expectations and in a unique way.

I hired Eric as a designer when I was the Art Director for KCRA 3 and KQCA 58, Sacramento television stations currently owned by the Hearst Corporation.  He worked hard and found new and creative ways to put graphics on the air and build and design sets.

To this day, I still call Eric up for design advice, especially in scenic design.

Eric is a designer who can handle the total creative package. Logos, graphics, web design, print and collateral materials, video, commercials, scenics and product package design.

Feel free to call me if you need any details.

Judi Decker,
Decker Design Solutions , a graphic design studio
Sierra College Applied Arts and Design Instructor
916-652-4957 – hours 9am to 7pm weekdays.


Eric Warp is a truly inspired and energetic leader and designer, who brings a unique perspective to every job. He’s imaginative and inventive, full of clever ideas, and guaranteed to add a spark of originality to any project. He’ll definitely liven up your campaign or creative team. I’d love to work with him again…I hope we have the chance someday!

John Squatritto

Graphic Supervisor, 
KABC-TV Los Angeles


Eric is one of the most creative and talented people I have had the pleasure to work with. He is a patient teacher, a fun boss, and gifted designer!

Kate Moore
Multimedia Director at Uptown Studios